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•  METROLOGIE 1-4/2007


A word from the editor-in-chief, Considerations on an international metrological system

•  Fănel IACOBESCU, Mirella BUZOIANU, Priorities of scientific metrology highlighted by the 23rd CGPM
•  Dragoş BOICIUC, Activities of the National Metrology Institute in 2006
•  I.M. POPESCU, Attempts to redefine the fundamental units of the International System of Units (SI) starting from the fundamental physical constants
•  Elena DUGHEANU, Mathematical algorithm for the calculation of the measurement uncertainty of a ring standard
•  Anca NICULESCU, New developments in the metrology field of time and frequency in Romania
•  Narcis UDREA, Cheti DOROBANŢU, Florin CRETU, Calibration of verification installations for cold/warm water meters
•  Livia DRAGOMIR, DC voltage calibrators
•  Dorin FLĂMÂNZEANU, Contributions to the extension of the measuring interval of the national standard of AC voltage
•  Ioana-Izabela ODOR, Applications of the IEC 61000 standards series in the calibration of the electrical power measuring instruments under non-sinusoidal conditions
•  Maria-Magdalena POENARU, International comparison laboratories, quality assurance or divicetral in the laboratory calibrations
•  Dumitru Marius NEAGU, Non-invasive thermometry using nuclear magnetic resonance
•  Nicuşor IONIŢĂ, Measurement concentration of the composition of the pipe lines natural gases by means of gaschromatographs for the calculation of calorific power in energy units (kWh)
•  Mirela ANGHEL, Accuracy test for alcohol concentration in expired alveolar air
•  Cristina IONICI, Valentin IONICI, Influence of the cryogenic environment on the structure of the sinterized mechanical materials
•  Mihai SIMIONESCU, PHORA 2007 - The 19th meeting of the EUROMET/EURAMET Technical Committee for photometry and radiometry. Benchmark in the activity of the Optical Quantities Laboratory - INM
•  Doctoral dissertation in the metrology field submitted in 2007
        Elena DUGHEANU, Contributions to the measurement uncertainty evaluation of the national length reference standards

•  Gheorghe P. ISPĂŞOIU, In MEMORIAM Nicolae Ilioiu
•  Homages to outstanding international personalities in the measurement field

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Cover 1: National standard for AC voltage
Cover 4: Dissemination scheme of the measurement unit of VOLT in AC current




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