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[image]The traceability of national and reference measurement standards to the International System (S.I.) is achieved by:

  • comparisons with the primary measurement standards of other countries - in case of primary measurement standards held by INM;
  • periodic calibration with respect to measurement standards of other international and national institutes of metrology - BIPM, PTB, BNM - INM, NPL etc. - whose traceability to the SI is already proven and widely recognized internationally.

The national standards are public goods, property of the State, represented by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology, maintained, improved, compared, preserved and used within the National Institute of Metrology. The national standards are presented in Table. 1.

The types services corresponding to the specialization fields are presented in the INM laboratories section.

Calibration services for which are issued calibration certificates with CIPM MRA logo.

The list of calibration services supported by a related measurement capability

Other measurement and calibration services offered by INM

The INM's capability to disseminate the units in accordance with the CIPM-MRA requirements is proved by the results obtained in the key comparisons, supplementary key comparisons, as well as in other CIPM - MRA relevant comparisons performed with other institutes of metrology.

Table 1 
Physical quantity Equipment
Length Stabilized Laser He-Ne on 127 I2
Plane angle Primary standard installation for plane angle
Mass Platinum-iridium kilogram-prototype
Time and frequency Caesium atomic standard
Force Machines with direct loading
Pressure Pressure balance
Sound pressure level Group of laboratory standard microphones and  group of standard sound calibrators
DC Voltage • DC voltage primary standard based on Josephson Efect
• Group of 4 Zener Diode standards 1.018V and 10 V
DC Resistance 2 Groups of standard resistors  of unique value 1Ω and 10 Ω
AC Voltage Single-junction thermal converters
Capacitance Group of three 10 pF fused silica standard capacitors
Inductance Group of two 10mH standard inductors
Temperature Installation for the reproduction  of the fixed points of ITS-90
Luminous intensity Group of primary standard photometers
Luminous flux Group of standard lamps for luminous flux
Radiant power Standard Radiometer
Spectral transmittance Absolute spectrophotometric installation
Spectral reflectance Absolute spectrophotometric installation
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